Our Scandinavian Honeymoon

Ever since I learned my ancestors were from Norway when I was about 10 years old, I knew that is where I wanted my honeymoon to be! I got to live my dream and for our honeymoon we went to Norway and Denmark!

We spent 4 days in Bergen, 3 days in Oslo, and 2 days in Copenhagen. It was perfect!

Here is a TikTok I made!


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♬ FEEL THE GROOVE – Queens Road, Fabian Graetz

Our first stop was Bergen!

It was the cutest town I’ve ever seen. Check out Our Honeymoon, Part 1 – Bergen, Norway to see our favorite things we did there

Next, we flew to Oslo

We almost took a train, which I heard was one of the most beautiful train rides in Europe, but we decided to fly so we could spend more time exploring the city. Here is the full post: Our Honeymoon, Part 2 – Oslo, Norway

We ended our trip in Copenhagen, Denmark

I wish we had more than 2 days there, but we definitely made the most of our time! Here is what we did with our 48 hours there: Our Honeymoon, Part 3 – Copenhagen, Denmark



It was such an amazing experience! I think our favorite city was Bergen, but my favorite place we stayed was our Airbnb in Oslo! It was a 30 to 40 minute train ride from the city center up in the mountains and it was like a fairytale cottage. Copenhagen is the best city to go to if you want a very active and busy trip – there is so much to do! Bergen is more relaxing and good if you want to hike or do outdoorsy things. Oslo was like a combination of the two. I definitely want to go back to all three very soon!!







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