Our Honeymoon, Part 1 – Bergen, Norway

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Our honeymoon was so amazing!! I have always wanted to go to Norway because that is where my ancestry is from. So this was my dream honeymoon. Our first stop was Bergen, Norway.

We don’t like to plan things. We like to just go with the flow and do what we want in the moment. So a lot of our honeymoon was just exploring. If you want to visit Bergen, here are my favorite things we did:

  1. Mount Floyen and the Funicular – this was my favorite experience. See the troll garden!
  2. Eat at Enhjorningen (this was my favorite meal of our entire honeymoon)
  3. Walk around the Lille Lungegaardsvannet lake
  4. Get a hotdog from Trekroneren – the most famous hotdog stand in Norway


Bergen, Norway – Photos



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