Vegan Food Options At Disney’s Epcot and World Showcase

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I found this information using Disney World’s website.

Always remember to double check if the meal is truly vegan – things can contain dairy or egg without it being obvious! And always ask for **no cheese**

Disney LOVES to put cheese on everything!!!

Coral Reef Restaurant


-Seasonal House Salad

Mixed Greens, Raspberry Vinaigrette, fresh Berries, Feta Cheese, Sunflower Brittle

*With no cheese

-Tempura-fried Cauliflower 

Baby Potatoes, Soy-Sausage Crumble, Baby Spinach, Tomato, Peppers, and Whole-Grain Mustard Vinaigrette (Vegan)

Electric Umbrella


-Energy Salad

Fresh Greens topped with Seasonal Fruit and Feta Cheese

*with no cheese

-Vegetable Quinoa Salad

Cauliflower, Carrots, Cabbage, Cucumbers, Tomatoes and Edamame drizzled with Agave Lime Dressing

Garden Grill Restaurant


-Harvest-inspired Garden Salad

*ask for no meat / cheese / egg

*this is a seasonal salad so I couldn’t find the exact ingredients

-Seasonal Vegetables

Seasonal Fresh Fruits


Sunshine Seasons



-Breakfast Power Wrap

with Wild Rice, Sweet Potatoes, Blueberries, Avocado and Tofu

*make sure there’s no eggs

-Overnight Oats

*I couldn’t find if this was made with milk or not

Lunch and Dinner:

-Vegan Korma with Gardein® Meatless Chik’n

Spicy Curry with Wok-Seared Gardein® Chick’n, Cauliflower, Peas, Carrots and Onions

-Power Salad

Kale, Brussel Sprouts, Broccoli Slaw, Chicory with Quinoa, Dried Cherries, Goat Cheese and Almonds with a Spiced Honey Vinaigrette

*with no cheese

-Black Bean Soup

-Side Salad

-Vegetarian Entrée

-Vegan Wrap

-Carrot and Celery Sticks with Hummus

-Assorted Fruit

World Showcase:

The Best Countries for Vegan Food in World Showcase are Mexico, Morocco, and Japan


La Cantina de San Angel


-Ensalada Mexicana

Tossed Romaine Lettuce, Arugula, Red and White Cabbage, Black Beans, Corn, Olive Oil and Lime Juice

-Guacamole with Totopos

Fresh-made Gucamole with Tortilla Chips

-Veggie tacos

-Veggie Nachos

La Hacienda de San Angel



Toppings: Choose one (1) – Mango Pico de Gallo, Pomegranate, and Cheese, or Corn and Poblano Peppers with Pumpkin Seeds

*with no cheese

-Enchiladas de Vegetales

Corn Tortillas filled with Vegetables served with Salsa Ranchera, Rice, Queso Fresco, and Beans

*with no cheese

-Tacos de Vegetales

Grilled Vegetables and Queso Fresco on Flour Tortillas served with Corn Esquites

*with no cheese

-Ensalada de la Hacienda

Spring Mix Greens, Goat Cheese, Toasted Pistachios, and Dried Chile Vinaigrette topped with Fried Guajillo Peppers

*with no cheese

San Angel Inn Restaurante



Topped with Cilantro, Mango, Toasted Pumpkin Seeds, Serrano Pepper, and Onions served with Chicharrón and Salsa Valentina

*with no Chicharron

-Plato Vegetariano

Combination of Sautéed Mixed Vegetables on top of Black Beans served with Flour Tortillas

-Ensalada de Vegetables

Lettuce with Tomatoes, Carrots, Red Bell Peppers, Avocado, and Onions served with choice of Lowfat Italian Dressing or House-made Honey-Mustard Dressing

Choza de Margarita


topped with Mango and Pumpkin Seeds and served with Fried Flour Chicharrón, Salsa Valentina and Lime


Restaurant Marrakesh


-A Taste of Moroccan Salads

Green pepper and tomato, marinated olives, carrots, potatoes, and cucumber salad

-Couscous with Vegetables

Steamed tiny semolina pasta with vegetables

Spice Road Table


-Hummus and Imported Olives

with Cornichons and Zaatar Pita Bread

-Rice-stuffed Grape Leaves

Fried Capers, Raisins, and fresh Nutmeg

-Hummus Fries

Cumin, Cilantro, and Preserved Lemon Aïoli

-Mediterranean Vegetable Platter

Harissa Hummus Fries, Rice-stuffed Grape Leaves, Couscous Salad, and Babaganoush served with Pita

Tangierine Café


-Vegetable Platter

Falafel served with Tangierine Couscous Salad, Hummus and Tabouleh

-Falafel Wrap

includes Tangierine couscous salad and lentil salad


-Marinated Olives

-Lentil Salad

-Tangierine Couscous Salad


Teppan Edo


-Miso Soup

soy bean based soup with wakame, tofu, green onion


young soybean pods, served chilled


seasonal vegetables, mushrooms, and tofu served with garden salad, vegetables, and steamed white rice

Tokyo Dining



Young Soy Bean Pods served Chilled

-Vegetable Miso Soup

Sautéed Onion, Potato, Daikon with Green Onion

-Garden Salad

with Dressing

-Vegetable Roll

Cucumber, Kanpyo, Asparagus, Pickled Ginger, and Carrot topped with Avocado and Sesame Seeds

-Assorted Vegetable Tempura

Lightly Fried Seasonal Vegetables

*ask if the batter is made with eggs

-Vegetable Nabeyaki Udon

Udon Noodles served with Fried Tofu and Vegetables in KONBU-Dashi Broth

Katsura Grill

-Vegetable Roll


Le Cellier Steakhouse


-Le Cellier House Salad

Mixed Lettuces from The Land, Toy Box Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Red Onion, Radish, Whole-Grain Croutons, Sherry-Thyme Viniagrette

-Cavatelli Pasta a la Ratatouille

Baby Eggplant, Squash and Zucchini, Toy Box Tomatoes, Yellow Tomato Coulis, Arugula Pistou, Lemon Ricotta

*with no cheese

-Maple-glazed Brussels Sprouts

-Spring Cavatelli Pasta

Morel Mushrooms, Asparagus Tips, English Peas, Arugula, White Asparagus Cream, House-made Lemon Ricotta

*with no cheese

*ask for a non-cream based dressing


Liberty Inn

-Grilled Vegetable Burger

Grilled Plant-based Burger topped with Crispy Onions and Barbecue Sauce served with French Fries or Apple Slices


Lotus Blossom Café

-Vegetarian Stir Fry

served with Steamed Rice

Nine Dragons Restaurant


-Cucumber Salad

-Vegetable Spring Rolls

-Vegetable and Tofu Stir Fry

United Kingdom:

Rose & Crown Dining Room

-Vegetable Cottage Pie

Seasonal Vegetables, Cauliflower Cream Sauce, Goat Cheese, and Mashed Potatoes served with Piccalilli

*this is a reach, but ask for no cheese and for it to be made with no dairy – if possible


Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria



crostino, eggplant, pine nuts, celery, onions, red pepper


mixed greens, hearts of palm, avocado, grape tomatoes, parmesan, white balsamic vinaigrette

*with no cheese


arugula, string beans, candied walnuts, pear, pecorino, mustard vinaigrette

*with no cheese


vegetable soup with pasta

-Penne “Arrabiata” Pasta

spicy tomato, garlic, basil, fresh mozzarella

*with no cheese

-Tortino Melanzane

eggplant, tomato and mozzarella, spaghetti pomodoro

*with no cheese

-“Family-style” House Salad (minimum 2 people)

mixed greens, cucumber, pepperoncino peppers, peppadew peppers, diced tomatoes, olives, red wine vinaigrette


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