An Average Week in My Life as a Flight Attendant

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Hey guys! While this is an “average” week for me, my work/life/location is constantly changing. I do not have a normal route and I try to go as many new places as possible. For the most part, I pick up trips that have layovers where I have friends or family. Sometimes I will say “I’m in the mood to go to California” and look for trips there. Sometimes I will have a 1, 2, or 3-day trip. This was my 4-day trip from last week!

Monday: Report time from JFK (my base in New York City) @ 5:27am

I wake up at 3:45am. Although I am very tired, I only have one leg to work today so I know I can make it through. It’s still dark outside and I don’t like to walk to the subway in the dark (especially with all my luggage), so I order an Uber ($$$).

I make it to the airport and meet my amazing crew who I will be working with for the next 4 days! (I hardly ever work with people I’ve worked with before) *I work with the same flight attendants all 4 days, but most days I work with different pilots

We work one flight, JFK to RSW (Ft Myers, FL), and get to our hotel by 9:30 am- early enough to eat the free hotel breakfast!  🙂

I have friends in the area so I go to a pool with them all day and relax.

Tuesday: Report time from RSW @ 5:10am

We have 2 flights today.

RSW to BOS (Boston)

BOS to ORD (Chicago)

We make it to Chicago by 11:30am, but we spent over an hour waiting for the hotel shuttle to pick us up.

When we finally get to the hotel, I change clothes and go down town for a bit. I come back and eat at the hotel and then workout at the gym. Then I try to go to sleep for another very early report time the next day.

Wednesday: Report time from ORD @ 6:10am

2 flights again today.

ORD to FLL (Ft Lauderdale)

FLL to PVD (Providence, Rhode Island)

We arrive in Providence around 4pm and its my first time there! I am very impressed with how cute the town is. One of my crew members has been there before and told us about a really good local restaurant, so I go out to dinner with my crew. We all hangout for a while and then come back to the hotel where I workout before going to bed. I try to get good sleep this night because tomorrow is by far our busiest day!!

Thursday: Report time from PVD @ 5:55am

This is our long day. 4 flights today.

PVD to MCO (Orlando)

MCO to RIC (Richmond, VA)



We are almost 2 hours delayed on our last flight because there were bad thunderstorms in Orlando.

I am finally back to my base and done with work around 9pm. I am exhausted and want to uber home, but I decide to take the subway because I spent so much on uber getting to the airport the first day of this trip. I finally get back to my apartment around 11pm!!!

Friday: I’m off!! Sleep most of the day and regret nothing.


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