My Favorite Vegan Food in Dublin

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I will start this post off by saying it is HARD eating vegan in Dublin- and I was definitely not successful the entire time. But I was able to find at least a few delicious plant-based options. These were my favorites:


I actually can’t believe how much bread I ate in Dublin.

“It’s disgusting how much bread she ate” -a real quote from my boyfriend talking about me to his friends.

Unfortunately, a lot of the bread isn’t vegan- the classic Irish soda bread is traditionally made with buttermilk and a lot of butter! But there definitely are vegan options out there.

This is a picture of my breakfast the first day I got there, just so you get an idea of how much bread I actually ate:


Yes, that is correct. I ate an ENTIRE LOAF OF BREAD for a meal. And I’ve never been happier.

#2: Quays Irish Restaurant

My favorite restaurant in all of Dublin. Located in the heart of the Temple Bar District. We went there multiple times. One of the few places I saw with a vegetarian menu:


Its not the clearest picture, but you’ll notice that though these options are definitely vegetarian, there aren’t many 100% vegan options.


The breaded garlic mushrooms were AMAZING. And vegan if you don’t eat the garlic mayo.


Quay’s mixed leaf salad was also amazing.

Oh, and did I mention the BREAD!? The selection of warm bread rolls & dips was probably my favorite thing I ate the whole trip. I’m not kidding. I have a problem. A bread problem. (I think the only sauce that is vegan is the green sauce).

#3: Rocket’s

If you want fast food in Dublin but are also trying to stay plant-based, Rocket’s is your match made in heaven. This is another place I went to multiple times. The veggie burger is delicious (as are the fries).


#4: Traditional Irish Breakfast

If you go to Ireland, you have to get Irish breakfast atleast once! It traditionally includes lots of meats- but just eat the non-meat parts of it. I forgot to take a picture before I started eating mine, but this is what a vegan version of Irish breakfast looks like:


(There were a lot more potatoes before I started eating)

#5: Marks & Spencer (M&S)


This is basically just a grocery store that we saw all over Dublin. But face it, if you are that committed to eating completely vegan while in Dublin, you will definitely be shopping and cooking for yourself. I found a lot of healthy and delicious food here.


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