5 Products for Staying Safe While Traveling Solo

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If you travel for work and are always staying in hotels by yourself (like me), or if you’re someone who just enjoys taking vacations alone, chances are you have felt unsafe at some point while traveling solo. Walking around an unfamiliar city can be intimidating if you’re by yourself. You can’t bring pepper spray, knives, or other self-defense weapons on a plane, but here are 5 products I have found that can make you feel much safer while traveling by yourself.

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1. Personal Safety Alarm

KOSIN Safe Sound Personal Alarm, 6 Pack 140DB Personal Security Alarm Keychain with LED Lights, Emergency Safety Alarm for Women, Men, Children, Elderly

When you pull the pin out of this alarm, it makes an ear piercing sound that can be heard 600 feet away for up to 50 minutes! Plus it’s easily portable (it’s a keychain) and has an LED light.


2. Add-A-Lock

Addalock – (1 Piece) The Original Portable Door Lock, Travel Lock, AirBNB Lock, School Lockdown Lock. PLEASE NOTE: The Genuine Addalock is exclusively sold worldwide only by Rishon Enterprises Inc.

This is a portable door lock that installs in seconds and gives you additional security in your hotel room or AirBNB. It will keep you extra safe by literally adding another lock to your door!


3. Door Stop

Wundermax Door Stopper Rubber Door Stop Wedge Security Door Stops With Door Holder Rubber Door Stoppers Works On All Floor Types and Carpet Heavy Duty Door Jam (3 Pack Gray)

This is one thing I always travel with after I had someone open my (locked) hotel room door in the middle of the night. It turned out to be housekeeping and they went to the wrong room – but it still scared me! This is just extra security for your room and is super easy to pack.


4. Door Stop Alarm

3-Pack Upgraded Door Stop Alarm -Great for Traveling Security Door Stopper Doorstop Safety Tools for Home Set of 3

If you want to take your hotel room safety to the next level, try this door stop alarm! If someone opens the door and hits this door stop, an alarm will go off to wake you up and scare them away.


5. Portable Charger

Anker PowerCore 5000 Portable Charger, Ultra-Compact 5000mAh External Battery with Fast-Charging Technology, Power Bank for iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy and More

If you are ever walking around an unfamiliar city by yourself you should ALWAYS have a portable charger! There is nothing worse than being stranded somewhere you don’t know without a way to get in contact with anyone and unable to use your GPS.


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