My Top 5 Goals for 2020

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It looks like I’m going to start making this post every year! Before I tell you this year’s goals, let’s see how I did on the goals I set for myself last year: My Top 5 Goals for 2019

These were my 2019 Goals:

1. Learn Spanish 

I learned a lot of Spanish this year thanks to the Duolingo app. I wasn’t as consistent as I should have been though.

2. Get a Regular Work / Sleep Schedule 

I definitely had much more of a regular schedule this year than I have in the past 2 years while being a flight attendant. I wouldn’t call my schedule “regular” but it was 100% more regular than the past couple of years.

3. Get a Regular Exercise Routine 

There were months where I was regularly exercising but overall I would say this was a fail! Besides taking long walks almost every day, this year has been the least I’ve ever gone to a gym.

4. Eat More Protein and Be Healthier

I would say I ate more protein. I was vegan for 2 years before 2019 and ate more meat this year. That being said, I have been eating way less meat than I was earlier in the year because I think my body feels better that way. So while I say this goal was a success, I will also say I plan on eating way less meat in the future – so my goal has changed. But it’s all just about finding what works best for your body! I plan to eat mostly vegan again in 2020, but I will put a focus on eating more plant-based protein.

5. Visit at least 3 New Countries

This was a fail. I went to a couple of new countries – I think Cuba was the only new country I went to for work. I also just went to Turks and Caicos! 2 out of 3 isn’t bad. I say it’s a fail though because if you look at my post, I named a lot of European countries and I didn’t go to Europe at all. I’m not upset about it, I have the rest of my life to go these places and I know I will eventually! I did travel a lot this year, even if it wasn’t to new countries. You can check out all of my adventures in my most recent post: 2019 in Pictures


So now for my new goals –


My Top 5 Goals for 2020

1. Spend Less Money on Food

I spend soooo much on food. My goal this year is to cook more and also learn to meal prep / plan my meals in advance for when I work. Airport and hotel food is always the worst and most expensive.

2. Continue to Learn Spanish

Duolingo is such a great app. I really love learning Spanish. At the beginning of 2019 I was doing really well with making sure I did a lesson every day, but in the middle of the year I was super inconsistent. The past few months I’ve really been good about it again. My goal is to do at least one lesson every day this year.

3. Continue to Strive for a Regular Schedule 

As a flight attendant, it is very hard to have a regular schedule because everything about the job is based on seniority. I have no clue how many years it will take for me to get the exact schedule I want. This past year I was able to have a lot more consistency though, and I want to continue to make this a goal until I am completely satisfied! This goal is for work but it’s also for sleep, exercise, and eating times. I want to work as few red-eye flights as possible because it messes with my sleep schedule for days after. I would love to become a morning workout person. I usually do intermittent fasting and want to make my eating times 10am to 6pm (its usually 12pm to 8pm or later).

4. Read the Entire Bible

This has been on my goal list for as long as I can remember. This year I’m making it a priority. I downloaded an app called BiOY (Bible in One Year). Hopefully I can stick to it!

5. Continue to Grow My Blog

I’m actually extremely surprised with my blog growth this year:

Screen Shot 2019-12-30 at 8.07.31 PM.png

They always say that good things happen when you least expect them to, and that’s exactly what happened with my blog this year. I was posting pretty regularly and not seeing much growth, then I took a few months off and hardly looked at my blog or stats. I randomly started to get a lot of emails / DMs asking me flight attendant questions, so I went back to my blog and noticed that out of nowhere a few of my posts blew up! I mostly have Pinterest to thank for that. It seems like a few extremely popular Pinterest accounts repinned some of my posts. The next time I checked my Pinterest, I went from about 2,000 monthly viewers to a peak of 171,000 monthly viewers! (I also appeared in a couple of  Well+Good Articles) I’m extremely thankful and it was exactly what I needed to motivate me to continue to grow Flying with Foster. Having a successful blog went from a daydream to something I now believe I can make a reality.




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