Top 60 Flight Attendant Blogs

I’m extremely honored to have been featured on Feedspot’s Top 60 Cabin Crew Blogs and Websites for Flight Attendants and Cabin Crew Aspirants. I used this same list to find blogs and websites to help me become a flight attendant! It’s very informative and they update the list once a week. Full Link:

Immune System Boosting Products You Can Buy on Amazon for Less Than $25

For more like this, check out all of my Health & Wellness Posts   This pandemic is very scary. Flight attendants are considered essential employees, therefore I am still going into work. Even if you aren't working right now, chances are you still have to go out in public to get groceries and other items you [...]

10 Walt Disney Quotes for When You Need Some Inspiration

For more like this, check out all of my Disney Posts With everything going on in the world right now, I know we can all use some happiness and inspiration! I found these quotes on 107 Walt Disney Quotes That Perfectly Capture His Spirit. All the pictures I use are from my Disney Instagram Account: @flymetodisneyworld. Here are [...]

Turks & Caicos

For more like this, check out all of my Travel Posts   Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands We stayed at Club Med - Turkoise Collin's dad is the musical entertainment at this Club Med for the entire month of December We made friends with all the cats that hung around the resort We took a kayak [...]