2018 in Pictures

2018 has been the best year of my life yet!


Another year living in the greatest city on Earth


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See more pictures I’ve taken in New York here: My favorite photos I’ve taken in New York City – part 1



I visited Amanda in Grenada

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IMG_0761 3.JPG

You can see all of the pictures from my visit here: St. George’s, Grenada



I spent a lot of time in California

IMG_6161 2.JPG

ACS_0053 2.JPG

IMG_6230 2.JPG



I went to Ireland

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IMG_3009 3.JPG

IMG_4647 2.JPG

You can see all of the pictures from my visit here: Dublin, Ireland



I went to Disney World A LOT!

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ACS_0046 2.JPG

IMG_6288 2.JPG

You can follow my Disney Instagram account here: flymetodisneyworld


I even went to Disneyland in California with my sister for my first time since high school

IMG_5400 2.JPG

IMG_5665 3.JPG


I was able to get a lot of Seattle layovers to be with my sister!

(I was even lucky enough to get one on her birthday)

IMG_8931.JPGIMG_6778 2.JPGIMG_6779 2.JPGIMG_6540 3.PNG



I went to Amanda’s Bachelorette party in Las Vegas

IMG_5203 3.jpg

IMG_5221 3.JPG

I went to Chella’s bachelorette party in New Orleans

ACS_0116 2.JPGIMG_6988.jpg



I went to Kelly’s bachelorette party in Nashville

IMG_7191 2.JPG

IMG_7425 3.JPG

Where we went to a Taylor Swift concert

IMG_8244 2.JPGIMG_7424 3.JPG



I went on a road trip with Kelly to Taylor’s wedding

IMG_7703 3.JPG

IMG_7675 3.JPG

I spent time at Kelly’s parent’s house

IMG_7710 2.JPG

Check out her dad’s man cave here: World’s Best Man Cave 2018


Lauren got married at the cutest beach house I’ve ever seen

(which is now my new dream home)

IMG_8582 3.JPG


I was a bridesmaid in Chella’s wedding

IMG_9484 2.JPG

Where I got to walk with her brother

(who is also my boyfriend)

IMG_9283 3.JPG

I was a bridesmaid in Amanda’s wedding




I went to my hometown a lot and got to spend time with my family

IMG_0510 2.JPG

IMG_8576 2.JPG

IMG_9538 3.JPG


My dad had a big year too!

He turned 70, retired from work (finally), and finished his goal of going to all 50 states! Oregon was his last state.

IMG_5739 3.JPG

IMG_6308 3.JPG

IMG_7786 3.JPG



I spent time in Atlanta

IMG_6100 2.JPG

IMG_6070 3.JPG



I moved into a new apartment

IMG_7891 2.JPG



I turned 25 and on my birthday I went to my first Broadway musical

IMG_8778 2.JPG

I went to Bermuda

IMG_8258 2.jpgACS_0150 3.JPG

IMG_8251 3.JPG

You can see all my pictures from Bermuda here: 20 hours in Bermuda



I had a lot of new layovers and got to see my friends in new places

IMG_3798 2.JPGIMG_5841 2.JPGIMG_4998 3.JPGIMG_1862 3.JPGIMG_3944 2.JPGIMG_9636.JPGIMG_9654.JPGIMG_9322 2.JPG

And last but not least, my greatest achievement of 2018: Steve Harvey replied to me on Twitter





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